In our policing feature, we hear from some of the officers on your local teams.

This week we hear from PC Iain Thomson, who is with the Met's South East Command Unit:

What were you doing before the Met?

I was in retail management roles but I wanted to do something I really enjoyed, rather than just doing a job for the money. I’d wanted to be in the police since I was a child and ever since I switched I’ve been much happier.

What made you want to join The Met?

When I was four years old my family took me to see the local Met dogs unit who were holding a public event. From that day on I knew I wanted to be a police officer! I do feel a little like my whole life has been leading up to this role.

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What would you like the community to know about officers?

There’s so much sensational stuff on social media about us that might show an edited version of an incident. You rarely see us helping someone who’s just been in an accident, or trying to help someone having a mental health crisis, or breaking bad news to someone’s loved ones. I understand that people are interested in dramatic versions but I hope the community knows they might be seeing something that doesn’t show the full story of our work.

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How does the community react to you and your colleagues?

It really is a mix. Some don’t like you, because maybe they or their family have had a bad experience. Or maybe some people think you haven’t helped them because they might have had a problem and, for whatever reason, it hasn’t been solved.

Then you have those who are really happy to see you; I remember being on patrol in our community on New Year’s Eve and making sure everyone were safe and sound. The number of people wanting to offer me a cup of tea was really lovely. Regardless of however people feel about you, if they call us in an emergency asking for help we’re going to turn up.

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What would you say it takes to be an officer?

You don’t need to be a certain person to be here. People come from all walks of life, at different times of their life, and that diversity makes our force stronger. The only thing I would say is that if you can communicate with someone, and know how to break the ice and help people to see you as a real person wanting to help, then you could make a good officer.