Police came close to catching multiple men suspected of stealing catalytic converters in Eltham.

Police came close to catching a group suspected of stealing catalytic converters yesterday in Eltham after a wave of the thefts has swept Greenwich and Bexley.

Coldharbour and Eltham North Police teams were leading Covid enforcement patrols on February 15 when they spotted three people acting suspiciously inside a vehicle.

Upon seeing police officers, the group fled from Howarth Street, SE2.

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Inside the vehicle officers found tools and equipment linked to catalytic converter thefts.

Coldharbour Police say these have been seized and await examination from crime officers, and the vehicle has also been seized.

The team described the trio as a 'catalytic converter team' successfully disrupted, and added there was an investigation ongoing to identify those responsible.

There have been a growing wave of catalytic converter thefts across south east London in the past year, with thieves regularly targeting vehicles outside people's homes or in car packs.

If you see anything suspicious, please ring 101, 999 or DM @MPSAbbeyWood or @MPSPlumstead.