An outdoor sculpture park is displaying bold, engaging and DIY artwork, available for the wandering public to view for free in a open field in Bexleyheath.

The converted field offers local residents a free outdoor gallery which can be enjoyed safely and for free, and offers emerging artists the chance to display captivating sculptures and more to the public.

Gallery No.32, which was built/prepared in the summer of 2020, is located in a small field in Bexleyheath, next to a busy public footpath which can be accessed from Manor Way

Following an invitation for submissions, the Winter Sculpture Park (WSP32) was set up full of interesting, thought-provoking and bizarre artwork.

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The Gallery was created in response to the closure of art galleries in the first Covid-19 lockdown, aiming to provide opportunity to emerging artists and "ultimately driven by a need to uphold the arts."

Megan Stuart, Co-Director and Developer of Gallery No.32: "We are DIY artists creating our own opportunities, not waiting for the system to answer them; it’s getting much busier as DIY is becoming more of a necessity.

"The response we have had so far to WSP32 is direct proof of this and its incredibly exciting.

The organisers say they are "DIY artists creating our own opportunities, not waiting for the system to answer them."

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Describing the field-come-art gallery, they said: "It is an art installation addressing the commercial art world; a tool to any artist that wants to display their work FOR FREE.

"Artists can exhibit their work horizontally in an anti-elitist environment, bringing art to the day-2-day public eye."

"The aim of the project is to change the routine. It is to tempt people out of their automatic plod and into the present moment."

There were no boundaries for submissions, and no direct theme as the overal aim is to engage.

Interactive and participatory sculpture and installations are heavily featured in the 55m x 35m grass.

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Gallery No.32 has recently been featured by multiple arts organisations, including feminist group Cherry Galz, and The Royal Drawing School, and a Covid-compliant opening party for the Winter Sculpture Park is being planned to open up the gallery to the public and bring people to the space.

Kieran Idle, Co-Director and Developer of Gallery No.32: "Why start small? Small can be the risk-takers – there’s less limitation, less constriction and more scope to explore and experiment. Small gets in the gaps. “Big trips over small.'"

The Gallery is currently featured on Project.Credit's map of emerging grassroots galleries.

The sculpture park will be open and full of displays for the entirety of February 2021.

Going forward, Gallery No.32 "aims to utilise the park for the development of creative practice within the community and visiting audiences.

Throughout the duration of WSP32, artists, writers, poets, photographers, students and creatives will be invited to the show to respond to and experience the exhibition. Following this, the organisers will continue to host solo exhibitions, with plans to organise another major group show in the coming months.

"Gallery No.32 has become a site of creative diversity, creative opportunity and creative connection. Through this, we aim to promote the ever-important culture of creative exchange."



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