A mum who built a treehouse for her children in her allotment in Eltham has slammed local officials 'arcane views' after she was ordered to take it down.

The Greenwich family live in a one bed flat with no garden, and now face losing their own green bit of personal space after being told the home-built treehouse breaches the allotment rules.

Ellese Elliot, mother of two, said she believes they are being "singled out" among dozens of other shed shacks, tunnels and other contraptions located at Middle Park Allotment in south east London.

The mum explained that she took on the allotment on Middle Park Avenue whilst she was pregnant.

Ellese and her two children live in a flat without a garden, so the the plot of land quickly became a place of respite from the busy streets of Greenwich.

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As well as also growing plants there, they built a treehouse structure away from the other allotments, to 'help contain the kids'.

Without machinery or a car, "much work has been put into it" to make it as nice as possible, and Ms Elliot said other local children use it whilst the parents work on the allotment.

But Ellese said Greenwich Council had been in touch, and told her to take the structure down or it will be taken off them.

She said she had pleaded with the council, "but they will not budge," arguing that the allotment is only for growing, not for playing.

Ellese has now started a petition to fight the decision, calling it "miserable and incorrect."

"Middle Park allotment is full of make-shift shed shacks, bish bash bosh greenhouses, and poly-tunnels that would give Dartford Tunnel a run for their money.

"But the council have singled out my structure.

"I think the council needs to change their arcane views on allotments - there should be a provision for those with children to make a safe space for them, as long as it's within reason.

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"Allotments should be welcoming to children, and be an extension of their education. Our allotment is made of all natural and recycled materials and I know the council does not enforce other allotment holders to take care of their spaces.

"Please sign out petition and so we can save this structure."

Whilst some have argued that the council are merely enforcing the rules, so far the petition has accrued over 950 signatures, with supporters commenting 'let them play' and 'mothering is difficult enough, we need support not discrimination.'

One person said they live near Middle Park allotments and have "happily" watched the allotments increase in popularity over the last 20 years.

"Given how many sheds and polytunnels there are, I can't see how this structure is such a problem. Live and let live, eh?"

You can view the allotment petition here.