The number of new coronavirus infections are falling across South London as the ongoing lockdown imposed to slow the spread of Covid-19 continues to have an impact.

There were hundreds of new infections in almost all South London boroughs in the latest round of new data published by Public Health England (PHE), however, showing continued high prevalence of the virus in the seven days up to February 1.

PHE London continue to warn about the presence of new variants of the virus, including the 'South African' variant, which is thought to be more infectious than previous strains of Covid-19.

Researchers working on a new vaccine designed to combat the South African variant of coronavirus are hopeful it will be ready to administer by the autumn, Oxford vaccine lead researcher Professor Sarah Gilbert has said.

The expert told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show her team currently has “a version with the South African spike sequence in the works”.

She went on: “It’s not quite ready to vaccinate people with yet, but as all of the developers are using platform technologies, these are ways of making a vaccine that are very quick to adapt."

Below is a complete list of boroughs in South London including the number of new cases, percentage change and 'rolling rate' of infections per 100,000 people in the week up to February 1.

  • Bromley: Cases 677, -40.5 per cent, rolling rate 203.7
  • Bexley: Cases 531, -44.4 per cent, rolling rate 213.9
  • Greenwich: Cases 761, -37.4 per cent, rolling rate 264.3
  • Dartford: Cases 248, -46.4 per cent, rolling rate 220.2
  • Lewisham: Cases 721, -38.8 per cent, rolling rate 235.7
  • Croydon: Cases 1,070, -38.3 per cent, rolling rate 276.7
  • Sutton: Cases 603, -27.3 per cent, rolling rate 292.2
  • Merton: Cases 587, -30.9 per cent, rolling rate 284.2
  • Lambeth: Cases 868, -28.7 per cent, rolling rate 266.2
  • Wandsworth: Cases 716, -30.9 per cent, rolling rate 217.2
  • Richmond: Cases 429, -12.3 per cent, rolling rate 216.6
  • Kingston: Cases 450, -22.5 per cent, rolling rate 253.5
  • Epsom and Ewell: Cases 179, -29.5 per cent, rolling rate 222.0
  • Reigate and Banstead: Cases 428, -27.0 per cent, rolling rate 287.7

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