A barbers in Northfleet has been fined for breaching lockdown regulations after police caught him still taking appointments just last week.

Kent Police said they were called to reports of a business breaching Covid regulations in Northfleet on Wednesday, January 27.

Officers attended the barbers, and the man inside confirmed that he was still taking appointments.

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In the video, the owner is seen avoiding the question before police finally draw out that he is indeed receiving visitors and cutting their hair.

Whilst officers were giving advice to the man a customer called the business to advise they were ‘out back’ and waiting for their haircut.

"You quite clearly just had a customer phone you up, so you are quite clearly cutting people's hair

"I heard him say 'You asked me to come'," added the other office.

It's been going on for so long now, ignorance of the rules is not an excuse."

The man can be heard saying "I'm not cutting much, honestly."

The man was fined for operating a non-essential business during lockdown.

This fine was among just under 1,000 issued across Kent in January 2021.

This includes a number of men involved in an unofficial football match in Dartford.

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With lockdown measures still in place to help control the spread of Covid-19, to save lives and to protect the NHS, police are urging people to follow government guidelines and do their part to protect others.

Assistant Chief Constable, Claire Nix said: "Whilst it is encouraging that the rate of infection is falling and more people are being vaccinated - now is not the time to drop our guard and be complacent, we are not yet at the stage where lockdown can be relaxed.

"I would like to thank those residents who are doing the right thing and following the guidelines, it is a difficult time for everyone and I appreciate it is frustrating when you witnesses or learn of people breaching the guidelines - this selfish behaviour puts others in harms way.

"We will not hesitate in taking action against those who blatantly ignore lockdown measures and put some of the most vulnerable members of our community at risk."