Warnings have been made about the number of people heading to certain hotspot parks in Greenwich and Bexley in recent weeks, with some green spaces "extremely busy."

Bexley Council issued an official statement late last week, asserting that it was 'vital' that residents respect parks and green spaces, and consider exercising in a less busy one.

According to Greenwich Council, Oxleas Woods car park was so full over the weekend that cars were overfilling into nearby roads, causing issues for residents.

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Playgrounds have also been getting "really busy" across both boroughs, making them start to become unsafe.

The Royal Parks even wrote an open letter to all Londoners last week, asking

"Unprecedented numbers of city-dwellers are turning once again to London's parks and green spaces for their permitted daily exercise, to interact with nature, to boost their mood and stay healthy during this crisis.

"We know how important these spaces are, but it is a challenge to deal with the vast numbers of people visiting.

"Unavoidably, some parks have become more congested than others, so it is crucial that everyone accepts personal responsibility for protecting themselves and others when they visit.

"For the next few weeks, we urge you to leave your cars behind and seek out those parks and green spaces closest to home, if you can."

Outdoor sports are also not allowed, and outdoor sports venues are not allowed. Early todat it emerged football games were being played in Deptford.

Bexley warned people to stay away from these sites, and sharing this photo, urged people to not force their way onto venues.

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The guidance when walking or exercising is to stay local, maintain social distancing and no to enter parks that are too crowded.

Whilst exercise is permitted, the official lockdown guidance maintains that you should only leave the house for legally permitted reasons, and

Exercise is currently only permitted on your own, with your household or support bubble, or with one other socially distanced person.

Bexley Council said: "Parks and green spaces are crucial for exercise and mental wellbeing, particularly during the pandemic when permitted activities are limited.

"It's vital that residents respect these spaces and behave appropriately so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Bexley has over 100 parks and open spaces, so please consider exercising in less busy, quieter spaces, and stay as close to home as possible. Free group walks are not running at the moment but there are some local favourite routes you could try out."

If you have any concerns about people congregating in parks, open spaces or other locations call 101 or use the police online reporting tool.