A former Catford Lib Dem council candidate is now an organiser for a “secretive far-right racist group” living locally in a whites-only base, according to reports.

Nicholas Hill, 50, a computer engineer who unsuccessfully contested the Catford South ward in 2006, is currently regional organiser for Patriotic Alternative, founded by British neo-Nazi and anti-semitic conspiracy theorist Mark Collett, Vice reports.

An investigation by anti-fascist research group Red Flare revealed a number of “White Lives Matter” banners pictured on beauty spots around the country were printed by Hill.

He reportedly lives in a self-sufficient white’s only “ethno village” in Catford and grows food and makes wine under the label “Ethno Villages”.

A spokesperson for Red Flare said: "Hill is a key organiser within a new fascist organisation in which few figures working ‘behind the scenes’ have been identified.

“Many of PA's regional organisers have gone to considerable lengths to conceal their identities. Until now, Hill has escaped the attention from journalists and anti-fascists.

“This is a dedicated fascist organiser with experience in local politics and business, who will likely continue to organise on the far right for years to come.

“In addition to recruiting and inducting new members, Hill is directly responsible for printing many of the racist banners we have seen used in PA's stunts around the country this year, having produced and distributed them from his Catford home.”

News Shopper:

Hill, furthest to the right, pictured in News Shopper in 2006

Pictures emerged on August 9, International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, of “White Lives Matter” banners at around 30 locations across the country.

Hill has appeared in the News Shopper previously, calling for speed bumps to be banned in 2006.

In 2016, his schizophrenic flatmate tried to hack him to death with a meat cleaver, leaving his nose hanging off.

Tomas Bouska, 35, had been up all night watching a violent film, and attacked Hill inside their shared home as he believed he was trying to poison him.

The incident is thought to have contributed to his radicalisation. In November 2018, he attended a meeting of the Greenwich and Lewisham branch of UKIP.

Less than a year later he attended a conference of Generation Identity, a far-right ethnonationalist group, according to Red Flare.

Hill was also a listed as a trustee of St John the Evangelist Church in Bromley, a position he no longer holds.

A Liberal Democrat spokesperson said: “The Liberal Democrats exist to fight for justice, liberty and equality. We are committed to combating hate, bigotry, racism, antisemitism and violence wherever we find it."