Bin collections across Greenwich are delayed because several staff members are ill or self-isolating, but the council have asked residents to stop abusing their collection crews.

Greenwich Council have since urged people to be patient and not vent frustrations when workers do arrive, or to abuse bin crews whilst stuck behind them.

In a tweet, the local authority said: "Would you like to have people shout abuse at you when you're working?

"This is what our bin collection crews have to deal with. People are getting angry at having to wait behind the waste lorries.

"If this is you, please be patient! They're being as quick as they can."

Bin collections fell behind in the borough over the Christmas break, and since then have struggled to complete collections due to staffing shortage.

A large number of staff are reportedly off ill with coronavirus, or are self-isolating after contact with the virus.

This has left several neighbourhoods with overflowing waste.

The council promises that crews are working "as hard as they can" to catch up, and asks residents to bear with them.

On their website, the council says black top general waste and blue top recycling bins are being prioritised, with green top garden waste bins delayed.

"Even though we have a waste collection plan, our staff numbers change daily, so there may still be delays in getting to your road or street.

"If any of your bins are not collected on your normal day please bear with us. We will have a record of the outstanding work and will do our best to ensure that we have caught up by the end of the week."

For information about council bin services, click here.