A worried commuter has shared pictures of their morning journey on the London Underground, showing packed carriages with no social distancing.

The network is reportedly operating at around 17% of normal demand, but there are concerns that use of public transport is higher in the capital than during the first lockdown.

Despite concerns over the current surge in the virus, work in industries such as construction and manufacturing has continued during recent months in all four nations of the UK.

Jazmine Cumes, who took the pictures on the Jubilee Line, said: “This is why Covid is spreading fast in London.

“Every day I travel to work the trains are always packed like normal, no social distancing, plenty of people not wearing masks.

“This is concerning for everyone.”

This comes after footage emerged yesterday morning of commuters piling into tube carriages at Canning Town.

The main cause of the crowds was a number of short-notice service cancellations due to staff absences.

This led to a build up as commuters waited on the same platform, not purely because of high passenger numbers.

A sales worker for a major house builder in England said it "makes no sense at all" that she cannot meet her neighbour inside but can meet "hundreds of strangers in a show home".

Betty, 52, said she had been "made to go to work" despite saying "we have all of the tools we need to work from home", such as virtual viewings.

She told PA: "I have to meet with complete strangers inside sometimes for hours on end.

"I've challenged the reasoning behind being an essential worker but the only answer I get is 'we're following Government guidelines'.

Betty, who did not want to give her full name, said her job involved "not only showing people round show homes but spending hours at a time in an enclosed office while customers are choosing kitchens etc.

"I had one request appointment the other day from over 80 miles away.

"I have asked if we could ensure essential appointments only but, who can police what is classed as essential?"