Transport for London has revealed that 57 staff members have died from coronavirus during the pandemic.

TfL disclosed that 42 bus workers and eight tube and rail staff have died in the capital, as services continue amid the second wave.

During the first wave, eight London bus drivers died after contracting the virus in just three days.

London's Transport Commissioner Andy Byford said: “Their tragic loss is devastating for us all, and I and everyone at Transport for London would like to pay tribute to the critical role they played in London's fight against this global pandemic.

“We will never forget them.

“The pandemic has affected all of our lives, and these unprecedented times have presented us with enormous challenges that have required an unprecedented response from us, our partners and all Londoners.

“I am determined we as an organisation continue to play our part in the national effort to beat coronavirus.

“Our heroic frontline staff and colleagues across the transport industry are the beating heart of London and have kept this great city moving through one of the most challenging periods in its history and helped ensure life-saving critical workers were able to do their jobs.

“I would like to pay tribute to them all.

“As Commissioner, the safety of all our staff and customers will be my top priority, and I am absolutely committed to doing everything in my power to keep you safe as we enter a new chapter in this city's history.”