Officers "won't be knocking on people's doors on Christmas Day" says a police chief after large numbers have vowed to ignore the new Tier 4 rules.

In a sudden announcement, Boris Johnson last night plunged London, Kent and much of the the south east into Tier 4 amid soaring Covid-19 rates.

But, despite surging infection rates, people in the south east are already threatening to flout the rules after being told not to travel between tiers or households at Christmas.

And local police forces have warned that increased patrols and transport officers would be deployed to enforce the new set of restrictions.

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And Metropolitan Police Federation boss Ken Marsh told MailOnline the new rules - which close non-essential retail and ban overnight stays in infection spots - meant little, because Mr Johnson has 'lost the good will of the people' over the festive period.

He said: 'It doesn't make sense. It's going to be no different now from how it was. 

We're not going to be knocking on people doors on Christmas Day. We have no power of entry.

'It's just a shame because I don't think people are going to take much notice. You've lost the goodwill of the public. They're so frustrated.'

A Government source told The Telegraph: 'The police are not going to enforce Cristmas Day very heavily.' Another revealed it was 'unlikely' police would be pulling over cars to ask where people were going.  

Some people took to social media to protest the new rules in outrage, and even suggest they would breach it.

Chloe Goodwin said: 'Good luck trying to enforce this. This is not going to happen! I will be enjoying my five days of Christmas still.' 

One person said: "There is no way that **** Boris is going to **** up my Christmas.' 

Twitter user Steve Habberley said: "My plans are not going to change whatever they migt try to enforce. My Christmas is going to be the same as it has been for every other year leading up to 2020.

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"No half-arsed rich boy playing power games is going to change that."

Another said: "There's literally no way they'll be able to enforce this, people aren't gonna not see family on Christmas."

Twitter user Patriot Zoe said: 'He can go **** himself, I will not be cancelling Christmas for him or any of them!! 

'My family and our well being is more important than the bollocks him and his buddies are trying to impose on us... WAKE UP PEOPLE FFS.'

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When asked about people potentially breaking the rules at the press conference this afternoon, Johnson said: 'Obviously people should obey the rules.'

Asked about how police should enforce the rules on Christmas day, he said: 'I think the police have done an amazing job of light touch enforcement. 

'They've handed over lots of fixed penalty notices for breaches of the rules. 

'I really thank the police men and women across the country for what they have done throughout this period.'

Mr Johnson insisted just days ago that it would be 'inhuman' to axe five-day festive 'bubbles'. 

But police presence will be increased to enforce the new rules.

On the latest restrictions, National Police Chiefs' Council Chair, Martin Hewitt, said: 'These restrictions will be upsetting for many after a very challenging year, but most people will want to do what they can to protect public health and the health of their loved ones.

"We urge everyone to follow the rules in their area, and as throughout the pandemic, we are confident that the majority of people will continue to do their best to adapt and do the right thing. Those who blatantly ignore the regulations should expect to receive a fixed penalty notice.

'Clear guidance will be developed with the College of Policing for officers who are policing these regulations, and they will continue to play their part in helping the public navigate and understand changes in their area.' 

And the Metropolitan Police will deploy officers to 'take action against those people whose selfish action risks jeopardising the health of Londoners'.

Commander Alex Murray, said: 'I know Londoners will be deeply saddened by the news that the planned relaxation of the rules over the Christmas period has been scrapped. The news on the virus spread is stark and deeply concerning, and we must all now take immediate action to prevent the spread by staying at home and keeping ourselves safe.

'Across the city, officers will be deployed to take action against those people whose selfish action risks jeopardising the health of Londoners. Likewise, we will continue our joint enforcement with London's 32 local authorities – clamping down on those businesses that also flout the rules and put health at risk.

'Our fight against the virus is not over. The rules are very clear and our collective actions in the next two weeks will have a direct impact on how quickly our city will recover. If people ignore these new rules, make reckless decisions that risk lives, I make no apology for the subsequent enforcement action that will follow.'

Kent Police also said they would be taking 'robust enforcement action' on anyone found breaking the rules.