A kidney transplant patient was failed by Bromley Council after he was left homeless following an 'illegal eviction', a watchdog has ruled.

Following an investigation by the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) earlier in the year, it was discovered the man was forced to sleep rough for six days after being illegally evicted from his home by his landlord.

The victim, 'Mr X', a patient recovering from a kidney transplant, ended up in hospital as a result.

The LGO found that Bromley Council failed to offer the man interim accomodation or to consider prosecuting the landlord.

In its report, the LGO said: "Mr X had no option but to sleep rough because the council failed to offer him interim accommodation".

'Mr X' claimed his health deteriorated as a result and he had to be taken to hospital.

The LGO found that despite Mr X reporting the eviction, prosecuting the private landlord wasn't even considered, and the council didn't even have a procedure in place to do so.

Bromley Council did agree to accept its fault in not providing temporary housing and offered £70 as compensatin.

But due to te distress caused to the man by the ordeal, the LGO recommended paying £250.

The ombudsman made several other recommendations to the council, including a written apology to 'Mr X' from the council and ensuring staff are aware of any new procedures for assessing illegal eviction complaints for prosecution.

Bromley Council has agreed to all the recommendations.