The latest coronavirus infection figures show the virus has spread "exponentially" across south east London in the past couple of days, causing a large increase in cases.

Cases have been relatively low during the November national lockdown, but the easing of restrictions on December 2 saw the virus begin to spread again.

In the last week, cases across the capital have risen, and the capital now looks set for Tier 3, but Bexley, Greenwich, Bromley and Lewisham have all seen a signifcant rise in coronavirus cases.

But the rise in infection of the past couple of days has been so stark it has aused local leaders in Greenwich to order all 133 of its schools to close early for Christmas as of tonight.

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Here's the statistics behind the surge.

The latest seven-day figures come from Public Health England, and show the current Covid-19 infection rate for each borough, expressed as the number of cases per 100,000 people.

Bexley once again has the highest Covid-19 rate in south east London, with a rate of 311.3 per 100,000 people.

This is a rise of nearly 24% from 251.3 last week, and the borough recorded 773 new cases of the virus.

In Greenwich, where all schools are set to close tonight, cases have risen dramatically over the past seven days.

A total of 715 cases were recorded, bringing its infection rate to 248.3, rising from 158.0 last week, a rise of 36%.

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Council leader Danny Thorpe described it as "exponential growth" with cases doubling every four days, which could be devastating if it were to continue.

Bromley has an even higher Covid-19 rate than Greenwich, recording 261.8.

The borough saw 870 new cases, bringing its rate up massively from 172.4 last week.

Lewisham continues to have the lowest rate in south east London, but still saw a considerable rise from 113.8 to 183.8 after recording 562 cases.

Nearby, Dartford has a whopping Covid rate of 352.6, Merton 265.3, and Croydon 211.8.

Havering has the highest infection rate in London, and has even reached fifth in the country, whilst Gravesham has a rate of 477.8.

Sadiq Khan called the rise in cases "catastrophic" as he called for schools across London to close early.