Coronavirus infection rates are rising once again in south east London, and Bexley, the borough with the highest number of cases in the region, has broken down all the figures behind this rise.

Bexley has reported the highest number of weekly Covid-19 cases across south east London for over a month now, and whilst all boroughs saw a decline in infection rates following the November lockdown, this has now changed.

The borough's Covid-19 infection rate is today up to 269.0, whilst the rate is even higher in neighbouring Dartford (274.4).

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The infection rate is expressed as the number of cases per 100,000 people recorded in the last week, as reported by Public Health England.

Yesterday this put Bexley's infection rate into the 30 highest in the country, as well as one of the highest in London, which as a whole is experiencing a spike.

The rise in cases has led to some to call for the capital to be placed under Tier 3 restrictions when the tiers are reviewed next week, although Sadiq Khan has warned against such a move.

To help with efforts to fight the rise in infection, Bexley Council has provided a breakdown on all the stats and locations in the borough reporting cases.

The Covid-19 dashboard shows there have now been 5,670 confirmed cases within the borough across the pandemic, with 1198 coming in the last 14 days.

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The stats, accurate as of December 9, are extremely worrying, although the figures are influenced by the lack of testing available in the first wave.

More specifically, the council reported that across the pandemic, there have been 211 outbreaks at schools, 25 in care homes, 25 work officers, and 45 other outbreaks.

But this does not include clusters in cases which are still currently in progress. This includes three ongoing outbreaks at schools, and 11 in care homes.

A graph showing the geographical distrubition of cases has also been produced.

Blackfen & Lamorbey currently has the highest seven day infection rate in all of Bexley, with 387 cases per 100,000 population.

Other areas with notably high infection rates include Barnehurst (334), Bexleyheath (321), Crayford (316) and Slade Green & Northend (325).

St Mary's & St James and Blendon &Penhill have the lowest infection rates in the borough, both below 200.

Here's the full list:

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