A housing association has failed to relocate a woman who was the victim of an attempted rape by a man who broke in her Orpington home a year ago, it is claimed.

George Wallace, 26, was sentenced to nine years in prison this week, after he was found guilty of breaking into a property on High Street and attempting to rape a 58-year-old in November 2019.

A year later, the victim’s grandson says A2Dominion is yet to find her new housing and has failed to take proper steps to ensure the property is secure.

He said: “A2DominionGroup have made a feeble attempt at re-homing her in appropriate accommodation (i.e. across the road or complete different area away from family) and in fact have taken no attempts to secure the property further.

“This housing block accommodates elderly people!

“After the incident took place, a fire window was breached for two days (right beside her front door) and the entrance door to the block is faulty.

“This has been going on for a year now, in terms of trying to get her moved. Hounding the housing association with emails from the police, as well as herself.

“How is she supposed to feel safe in the same home that was invaded?

“This is really traumatising for my family and I. The fact nothing has been done is absurd.”

Wallace, who entered by smashing a window, fled after the victim’s screams alerted her daughter.

Investigating police officers found muddy footprints leading from the bathroom to the victim’s bedroom.

Forensic officers identified Wallace through fingerprints on the bathroom window and a vodka bottle left in the flat, on which traces of his DNA were found.

Wallace was found guilty of attempted rape and trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence at Woolwich Crown Court.

Dawn Wightman, Director of Housing A2Dominion, said: “We have been in regular contact to support our resident since her horrendous experience.

“She was immediately placed on our management transfer list, which gives her priority for transfer.

“We are working with our local authority partner and have offered four alternative homes, which our resident has not felt able to accept.

“She can also bid on any of our properties or those belonging to the London Borough of Bromley.

“We are continuing to offer support with additional security, and to identify homes that may be suitable as they come available.”