A Christmas tree nursery has partnered with a Bromley school for children with autism spectrum disorders to offer three weeks of outdoor work experience.

Three Key Stage 4 classes from Baston House School have visited Magic of Foresters since November 9, helping prepare the land for the winter season.

The work experience has educated them on farming methods and how to cultivate a thriving chemical-free ecosystem which safeguards not only the trees themselves but the wider ecology.

Magic of Foresters Owner, Julian Hitch, said: “With so many vital in-person opportunities being cancelled at the moment, we are delighted to be able to offer a safe experience for these school children to work within nature.

“And there really couldn’t be a more important time for students to spend time in the great outdoors. Trees are shown to boost immune systems and help with a whole range of disorders from stress to ADHD.

“At Magic of Foresters, community and natural living are vitally important to us. I was out here in the farm from a young baby, cutting my first tree at three.

“When my father retired aged 89, we continued on our family tradition’.

“He sadly passed away this year, so it’s lovely to see these children also continuing his legacy.

“They will be helping to prepare the land and the trees, not just for Christmas 2020, but for many more years to come.”

Baston House School is an independent day specialist provider of education for children and young people aged from 5 to 19 years who have been diagnosed with autistic spectrum condition.

Ellie Martineaux , Work experience and EVC Co-ordinator, Baston House School, said: “We are always looking for new opportunities for the students and so we are very grateful to ‘Magic of Foresters’ to allow us to come and help with the trees and land in preparation for their opening this year.

“It will be an excellent outdoor learning opportunity for them, especially during these unprecedented times, nearby, safe and easily accessible.”

Magic of Foresters, established in the 1960s, is a family run farm which serves as a Christmas tree provider and outdoor space for families seeking out the festive spirit.

It opened to the public on last weekend and will remain so until December 22.