A video showing an insane driver towing away a car and violently smashing it into several other cars in Abbey Wood has gone viral.

The video shows a tow truck dragging alone a white car along the street, seemingly crashing into cars repeatedly on purpose.

Since it was shared, the clip has been viewed nearly 250,000 times on Twitter.

The incident took place on Congress Road in Abbey Wood, reportedly on Monday, November 16. Police have been contacted for more information.

News Shopper:

Witnesses reported that several cars were written off by the damage caused, before the towed car was found dumped at the nearby Thistlebrook camp.

Six vehicles were hit on Congress Road, whilst more were damaged on neighbouring roads.

News Shopper:

The clip was shared by London & UK Crime (@CrimeLdn), with permissions granted to the News Shopper.

If anyone has information about the incident, they are advised to contact the Met Police on 101.