In our latest feature, we hear from some of the newest recruits on your local policing teams.

This week we hear from PC Chris Corbett, who is with the Met's South East Command Unit:

What were you doing beforehand?

I’ve done lots of jobs; I was a medical secretary, I worked in events, at one point I worked in property management.

What made you join the Met?

I’ve always wanted to be a police officer and I applied for another force when I was 19-years-old but was told I needed more life experience.

I went away but the idea of joining always stayed with me. My mum pointed out the Met were hiring and I thought it was now or never - I knew I had to give it a go.

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What did your friends and family think when you said you wanted to join?

My mum was really encouraging, but my dad was a bit worried that, as a police officer, I’d be on the frontline and have to run towards danger.

My friends thought I was crazy – some said I should be settling down, but I had had enough of desk jobs. My youngest was ecstatic I was joining and told everyone!

Describe a big challenge in your job so far

I don’t think anyone can prepare you for the first time you find yourself in a situation where the people you’re dealing with are hostile and there’s a lot of animosity.

You can’t suddenly make it go away – you have to stay and deal with the situation, no matter how angry or upset people are.

Tell us about a day that stands out for you

After driving around all day dealing with various incidents, we went to a member of the public’s house to get their medicine for them and found their mum, who was elderly and relied on them for some help. We ended up quickly cooking her dinner and making her a tea, and checking she was all comfortable and fine.

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Another time a woman had been forced to leave her home because her ex-partner had shown up and was harassing her. We went in, arrested him, and we were able to make sure she could return and be with her family. Knowing she could now be safe in her own home stuck with me.

What have you enjoyed so far?

It’s been nice that the public have responded well to me being older and having a bit of life experience. I think when a lot of people I go to help see me they can relate to me a bit more, as they see I’m like them.

Ultimately this job means, every single day, you’re helping someone – whether that’s going in to help keep someone safe, or stepping in to stop someone from hurting another.

You don’t ever feel that a day has been wasted or go home wondering what difference you actually made. I now I sound corny but it’s the truth!