Two foxes have been killed with a crossbow and a third is reported walking around with a bolt sticking out of its body in the SE3 area of Greenwich.

Police have launched an investigation into these "absolutely shocking and deliberate" killings. A £2,000 reward is now being offered for information.

Disclaimer: The photos shown below are graphic and potentially disturbing to some readers.

Police were contacted on November 5 after a member of the public spotted a fox with a bolt/arrow sticking out of its back in Parkgate, SE3.

Volunteers from the charity the Fox Project were called to provide vetinary treatment to the fox, but sadly it couldn't be saved.

Graphic pictures of the poor foxes, who had to be euthanised due to its injuries, are shared below.

A second fox was found dead, also in the Parkgate area of Blackheath, and a third is now reported to have been seen at the same location with a bolt/arrow in its body.

The Fox Project are encoruaging any sightings to get in touch immediately with the hope of saving the animal (01892 731565).

They also called the killings a "cruel and illegal act" of violence, "disturbing on many levels, and which also breach several laws.

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The three foxes have been found by the Fox Project's rescue teams in the Greenwich postcode SE9 9XF, and images show the team sadly catching and euthanising the animals.

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The team are now working with the Met Police's Wildlife Crime Unit to find and catch the culprit, and are offering a £2,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of whoever is responsible.

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It is against the law under section 11 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act to kill or take any wild animals using a bow or crossbow.

The Fox Project said there are legal penalties for the use of an offensive weapon such as a crossbow, especially in an urban or suburban environment where it could as easily target pets and cause injury or death to people by means of ricochet from a building or wall.

"In addition, because these animals were not killed outright, the actions of the person involved comes under the law as ‘causing unnecessary suffering’, an offence subject to further legal penalties including imprisonment."

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Conchi Gago, from the Met’s Wildlife Crime Unit, said: “It’s absolutely shocking that two animals have died in such awful circumstances.

“It is obvious that whoever did this did so deliberately and it is disturbing to think that someone would intend to injure and kill a wild animal.”

Fox Project founder Trevor Williams added: “Every year we treat more than 1,000 foxes at our specialist rescue centre but this is a truly shocking case.

“It’s hard to understand that there is a small minority of people in society who are capable of such extreme cruelty to animals.”

Anyone who has information which can assist police is asked to call 020 7230 8898 or email quoting CAD 4617/06Nov.