A driving-obsessed six-year-old boy from Welling can recite the entire Highway Code from memory - and is even teaching his mum to help pass her theory test.

Little Nathan Henry-McGhie picked up the Highway Code just six months ago, when it was lying around the house, and began studying it every evening.

Proud mum Peta, 30, claims it only took Nathan six months to learn the entire contents of the 128-page handbook off by heart.

He can recognise every road and traffic sign, knows the names of each bit of legislation and can recite each section word for word.

Nathan's memory of the driving bible has become so refined he has even instructed a taxi driver on the rules of the road.

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Now, with his impressive memory so attuned, Nathan spends a couple nights-a-week testing his mum in preparation for her theory test this December.

Construction management student Peta said: "He just picked up the book and became completely obsessed with it.

"In the early stages I would cut out the road signs and he would play around with them testing himself.

"I have my theory in December so he tests me on different sections a couple of times a week.

"On the odd occasion he can be a bit strict, but he's never wrong! Nathan knows so much it would be silly not to use it.

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"He loves to play the teacher so it keeps us both happy! The thing is he entirely taught himself to read it."

Nathan, who was diagnosed with autism in February 2019, has always had an excellent memory - and an interest in transport.

He also has a photographic memory for the stops on the Transport for London underground line too.

Peta added: "When he was a toddler he would just sit with his head in his hand thinking.

So I always knew he was special, but didn't know exactly with what.

"Before the Highway Code, he was obsessed with the Transport for London rail line.

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"When I used to take him to see his dad on the weekends on the tube line, he quickly learned the route, then moved on to the stations, before learning the different lines.

"We'd be on a platform and he would know what the train announcer was going to say.

"When he was two he could count from one to 100, even though he couldn't talk.

"I would love to just hone in on that. He could be the next Einstein!

"Nathan isn't able to articulate what his aspirations are just yet, so who knows what the future holds.

"His memory is just so impressive. I'm just super proud of him.

"If I have his knowledge by the end of next month the test will be a walk in the park."