A police boat was used to fish out drugs from the River Thames after officers witnessed a drug deal taking place on the river bank in Lewisham.

Met Police said officers from the Violent Crimes Taskforce (VCTF) were on patrol in New Cross when they witnessed a drug deal taking place along Foreshore, SE8.

The suspected dealer bolted when he spotted the officers, and as he was running he was seen throwing a white plastic bag into the Thames.

He was quickly detained, but officers also noticed the bag had remained on the surface of the water.

So the Met's Marine Policing Unit were brought in, and swiftly arrived to collect the bag, as pictured.

The contents of the bag, believed to be around 14 wraps of heroin and cocaine, have been sent away for testing and could be crucial in any case against the suspect.

The man was also in possession of £800 in cash and was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply. He remains in police custody.

Inspector James Hendrick, of the VCTF, said: “This incident shows how tackling violent crime in London truly is a Met-wide effort. Without the support of the MPU, we may not have been able to safely recover the suspected drugs.

“We know that drug dealing is closely linked to violence and it is our priority to continue to tackle this serious crime and keep communities safe.”