Fed-up residents angry over a lack of consultation and progress over Crystal Palace’s traffic-reducing measures are set to stage a protest around the barriers this weekend.

Open Our Roads – a local residents’ group which has sprung up in opposition to the Low Traffic Network implemented on three streets around the Crystal Palace triangle – is set to stage the “idling” protest on Sunday.

Described as a Covid-safe rally with no marching, those taking place are encouraged to stand as “still as the traffic on Church Road”.

The action comes amid growing frustration from residents over a lack of action on the barriers.

Tory candidate for London Mayor, Shaun Bailey, pledged earlier this week to temporarily suspend the barriers across the entire city if elected – although conjecture remains over whether the mayor can enforce that move.

At local level, Bromley Council’s representatives appear split over what action to take – with the Labour members representing the Crystal Palace ward urging a cross-boundary solution with Croydon, who implemented the road blocks without consulting Bromley residents.

Bromley Council’s Tory leadership have threatened legal action against Croydon and have urged current city mayor Sadiq Khan and transport secretary Grant Shapps to personally intervene to remove the barriers.

It’ll see the stationary protest go ahead on Sunday.

Organisers to the event say markers will be placed on the ground two metres apart to help attendees maintain social distancing, while those coming along are being told to bring face masks and hand sanitiser.

They’ll demand the removal of barriers set in place at Fox Hill, Stambourne Way and Sylvan Hill.

While the initiative to cut vehicle traffic and encourage more pedestrianised methods of transport has attracted supporters across the city, organisers behind the rally say they’ve collected 6000 unique signatures across petitions opposing the measures around Crystal Palace.

The rally is set to run from 2-3pm from the scaffolding on Church Road to South Norwood Hill.