Extending the congestion zone would “punish” Londoners for "doing the right thing" to tackle coronavirus, Mayor Sadiq Khan said.

Transport for London is locked in negotiations over a £1 billion bailout, which ministers are only offering on the condition that the £15 charge is expanded to the south and north circular roads.

Today Mr Khan said the plans would punish four million Londoners at a time when many are already experiencing financial hardship.

He said: “It is simply wrong to hit four million more people with additional costs at a time when many are struggling to make ends meet, and I have made clear to ministers that I will not agree to these draconian terms.

“TfL’s financial issues are solely as a result of the pandemic.

“The government must not punish Londoners for doing the right thing to tackle Covid-19, and should instead come back to the table with a revised plan which is right not only for our city but our country too.

“Besides, extending the congestion charge zone, the government is proposing to increase fares in London by more than inflation and to introduce council tax increases in the capital to pay for public transport.

“In addition, they wish to maintain the requirement to remove free travel for under-18s and are now also proposing the removal of the 60+ photocard.”

TfL's finances have been severely hit by the drop in travel caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which saw income from fares drop by 90% at its peak.

A two-week extension of support for TfL was agreed on Saturday after a £1.6 billion bailout agreed in May ran out, allowing negotiations over future funding to continue.

It was reported last month that Mr Khan was seeking a £5.7 billion bailout to keep London's transport system going for the next 18 months.

Ministers are further demanding that travel entitlements for children and older people are downgraded in return for the bailout.

A petition set up in opposition to the proposals has already received over 100,000 signatures.