New data has suggested that rates of infection in south east London are set to soar over the time leading up to November.

A university-developed ‘Covid Calculator’ projects a greater than 95% chance that Bexley, Bromley, and Greenwich will all have more than 100 cases per week from the start of November.

Devised by Imperial College London, the calculator predicts which parts of the country have the greatest probability of seeing coronavirus cases rise above 100 per 100,000, which it classes as a 'hotspot.'

The projections would chart a steady rise in cases from current levels, with Bromley currently showing the highest probability for 100 cases per week at 75%, as of today (October 22).

Greenwich and Bexley are currently listed as 71 per cent and 61 per cent respectively.

Lewisham is the only south east London borough not projected to have more than a 90% chance of having 100 cases per week by November, but would still have a high chance at 86 per cent.

The predictions for today’s date in Lewisham are only at 54 per cent by comparison.

The tool models data from daily reported cases and weekly reported deaths to provide a projection as to where boroughs are heading.

The predictions assume current interventions will remain as in the area, for example lockdowns and school closures.

You can view the calculator here.