All four south east London boroughs are currently reporting near identical seven-day rates of new Covid-19 cases as the latest figures from Public Health England are released.

With the entire capital now in Tier Two restrictions amid a worrying rise in cases, the picture in south east London continues to look positive as all boroughs, although nearly 1,000 cases were reported in the total.

The number of cases in the last seven days did rise in all four boroughs, except for Greenwich where they stayed exactly the same, but all four sit below the key weekly threshold of 100 cases per 100,000 people.

Monday's update of the rolling seven-day rate of new cases of Covid-19 for every local authority area in England was released last night, showing the figures for the seven days to October 15.

They are based on tests carried out in laboratories (pillar one of the Government's testing programme) and in the wider community (pillar two), and express the rate of Covid-19 infection as the number of new cases per 100,000 people.

Data for the most recent four days (October 16-19) has been excluded as it is incomplete and does not reflect the true number of cases.

Bromley is currently reporting the highest level of transmission of the virus with a Covid-19 rate of 79.7, meaning nearly 80 people per every 100,000 were infected in the last week.

Despite complaints from MPs over London-wide restrictions affecting the rural borough, Bromley saw 265 cases confirmed in the last seven days.

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Close behind is Lewisham with a Covid-19 rate of 77.2, a small rise, after recording 236 positive cases.

There were 188 cases in Bexley over the one-week period, bringing its Covid-19 up to 75.7.

And in Greenwich, there was no change, with 214 new infections and a coronavirus rate of 74.3, exactly the same as last week.

With all four boroughs reporting nearly identical levels of infections, and a steady rise in cases also, Tier Two restrictions will have come as no surprise.

However, the region does continue to report some of the lowest infection figures in London, and compares well to the rest of the country.

The rate of new cases is highest currently in Nottingham, with 2,368 new cases actually marking a fall in the infection rate from 1001.2 to 711.3.

Knowsley, Liverpool, Exeter, Manchester and Leeds are all also reporting extremely high numbers of new cases, but all are also see numbers fall from the week prior.

Richmond upon Thames currently has the highest numbers in London, with an infection rate of 137.4 thanks to 272 new cases.

Dartford recorded 53 new cases, bringing it rate to 47.1, whilst Croydon recorded 290 new cases so has a rate of 75.