A Camberwell nightclub was shut down for persistently breaking Covid-19 rules.  

Southwark Council is now bringing Planet Nollywood to court “for its flagrant disregard for the health of everybody in the building”.  

Council officers visited the club in Camberwell Road on a “number of occasions”, but “despite all of the advice and warnings offered by the council, the business continued to operate outside Covid regulations”. 

Police and council officers jointly raided the club on September 18 – they seized music equipment and closed down the dance floor after finding that the majority of staff were “ignorant” of Covid-19 rules. 

CCTV footage from September 12 and August 8 “confirmed that the premises had been illegally and dangerously operating as a nightclub”. 

The council served a prohibition notice to close the ground floor and seized amplification equipment.   

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“Council officers clearly explained current guidelines and restrictions to the owner and the council is taking further prosecution action under current Covid-19 legislation,” a council spokesperson said.  

Southwark has visited hundreds of businesses in the borough to make sure they are following the law, and is “cracking down” on those that “repeatedly ignore advice and instructions from its Covid taskforce” 

When inspecting premises, the council checks that the test and trace system and NHS QR code app are being used, social distancing is being observed, tables are not too close, masks and other PPE are being worn, that the rule of six is being followed, and that the 10pm curfew is being respected.

“It will not tolerate those who openly flaunt the government’s Covid restrictions and the law, putting the people of Southwark at risk,” the spokesperson said.  

Councillor Evelyn Akoto, cabinet member public health and community safety, described the club’s actions as “irresponsible and dangerous”. 

“While we are working with many businesses, and helping them to play their part in keeping people safe, it has become clear that a small minority are repeatedly failing themselves, their staff and their customers. 

 “Despite all of our warnings, Planet Nollywood continued to flout the rules and ignore officer advice. 

 “We will meet this, and all such irresponsible and dangerous behaviour, with legal action under Covid-19 and other appropriate legislation.” 

 “With rates of infection rising across London, and nationally, is it vital that we all follow the rules and do the right thing,” she said.