No sign language interpreter is expected to be present at the Prime Minister’s press conference this evening as he updates the public on new Covid-19 measures.  

The details emerged after the MP for Lewisham and Deptford asked if one would be present after saying that disabled people have been an “afterthought” during the pandemic.  

Boris Johnson is set to hold a press conference at 7pm on Monday (October 12) reiterating his plans for a new three-tier strategy across England, listing areas as a medium, high or very high risk depending on the rate of the spread. 

The medium alert level will cover most of England and will consist of the current national measures, including the rule of six and the 10pm curfew. 

The high alert level reflects interventions in many areas subject to local restrictions, preventing mixing between different households indoors. 

London has remained in Tier 1. 

Mr Johnson already explained the system to the House of Commons in the afternoon, after which he was – and is still being – quizzed by MPs. 

MP Vicky Foxcroft asked the Prime Minister would a sign language interpreter be at his press conference. 

She said: “Disabled people have felt like an afterthought throughout this pandemic and I’d like to ask just one simple question, which requires a yes or no answer. 

“Will there be a sign language interpreter at your press conference this evening?” 

Mr Johnson said: “I doubt we will get one in time but the point is noted.” 

MPs will debate and vote on the measures on Tuesday and the new tiered system will come into effect on Wednesday.