The University of Greenwich has released a statement after a "disturbance" at one of its halls of residences saw "racist and homophobic abuse" used to attack one of the students.

The statement has been released in response to a Twitter thread posted by one of the victims of the alleged abuse who claims she was assaulted and the subject of a racial insults.

Video footage on social media shows a dispute between a group of students breaking out into physical violence, and a number of people have reported hearing racist slurs used by one of the groups.

The university has said an investigation had been launched last week and was ongoing.

"Following a disturbance at one of our halls of residence last week, which involved a number of our students, we received reports of racist and homophobic abuse.

"We would like to reassure our university community that an investigation began last week and we will reach the formal stage of this process on Monday.

"We continue to gather additional information and to listen to our students, including our student leaders."

The incident is still under investigation, but on social media the victim accused the university of 'pushing the incident aside'.

In an official statement, the university's vice-chancellor Professor Jane Harrington said: " "I want to be absolutely clear: we have zero tolerance for language of hate and abuse of any kind is not acceptable.

"We will take firm and decisive action in response to this incident but it is right that we look into this thoroughly before taking appropriate steps.

"I am also clear that as a university our action could and should have been better and there is learning for us all.

"We will work together with our students and student leaders to ensure that this situation never happens again.

"We stand by our commitment to make our university no place for hate."