Wooolwich Cemetery has been hit by vandals attempting to steal the surrounding wall for the second time, leaving considerable damage.

On Monday, October 5, Greenwich Council revealed the cemetery on Camdale Road had been hit by thieves.

It is understood that thieves attempted to dismantle and steal part of the main wall.

The council said: "We're sad to have to say that today there was an attempted theft of part of the wall at Woolwich Cemetery at Camdale Road.

"If you witness anyone doing this, please report it to the police."

A similar incident at the same cemetery back in April caused outrage amongst the public and councillors after considerable damage was caused.

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Images showed a large, U-shaped bite measure several metres across missing from the yard's boundary wall, and bricks were left strewn across the ground and even arranged in stacks.

The council said it was working with the police at the time on the matter, and appealed for the community to help catch the brick thieves.

The authority was left with a hefty damage bill, but councillors said they were "disgusted" by the act.

Plumstead councillor Matthew Morrow said: “I’m very disappointed by this theft and damage. The cemetery should be respected as a peaceful place to remember loved ones.

"At this difficult time most people want to support their community, but it seems a few individuals are too selfish to care."