An Eltham mother has spoken of her horror after a Tesco delivery driver asked to use her toilet, and defecated all over her bathroom floor.

Kirsten Old said she was left "shocked and disgusted" when she discovered the horrible mess left behind by the Tesco employee.

She said it was "literally everywhere", covering her bathroom and ruining the carpet outside, and described the ordeal as "extremely upsetting for her family."

The unfortunate culprit then apologised, told her he'd had a curry the night before, and then left to finish the rest of his shift, all without washing his hands.

WARNING: Graphic images below

Furious, but also concerned for her, her family's and other shoppers' health, Mrs Old has since been in conversation with numerous customer service employees at Tesco and is demanding they replace her soiled carpet.

Tesco said they have offered their 'sincere apologies' to the customer and "are investigating as a matter of urgency."

News Shopper:

Kirsten Old, an employee at Next, said she had ordered a Tesco food delivery on Wednesday, September 30, which arrived at around 3:30pm.

The Eltham resident describes herself as "house proud", so felt awkward when one of two workers in the delivery van asked to use her bathroom.


"He came rushing over with two baskets of shopping in his hands, set them down, and asked if he could use the toilet. I could tell he was desperate," said Kirsten.

"I felt I had to say yes, I was put in an awkward position.

"I asked him to take his shoes off, and already there was a strong smell. I thought it must've been his shoes."

She continued: "By the time I'd put all my shopping away he was still up there, and the other worker, the driver, was hovering by the door, apologising profusely.

"My daughter came down and asked what the smell was, and I was not happy, but what could I do.

"Eventually he comes down and says 'sorry, I had a curry last night and it went right through me."

Kirsten said she went 'holding her nose' up the stairs to the bathroom to open the window and get rid of the smell.

"He'd defecated in the middle of my bathroom.

"I couldn't believe what I saw. It felt like when you find out someone's died, that's the only way I could describe it.

"There was mess everywhere, and clearly he'd made no attempt to tidy it up. He'd just left it there."

Nearly speechless, she said she rushed downstairs and ordered him to clean up his mess.

At this point she said hid in the kitchen, furious, whilst her husband got them to leave.

Upon a second inspection, Kirsten said she still "couldn't believe the state he'd left my bathroom in" as he had simply "picked up" the mess, but made no attempt to tidy it up.

"It really annoyed and upset me. There's no excuse for any adult to leave a mess like that.

"I know he also didn't wash his hands. This has put people's health in danger, I was concerned about my health and family's health, plus the children were really upset.

"A delivery driver has entered my home without a mask on, without gloves, and defecated on my floor!"

The Eltham mother quickly paid for a professional clean of the bathroom, and also discovered stains on the stair carpet which had been carried in from the bathroom.

News Shopper:

Kirsten is now demanding that Tesco pay for a replacement carpet.

She spoke to a manager at the Erith depot that night who was "very apologetic" and horrified to hear what had happened.

'Distraught', the other driver had reported the incident as soon as they'd arrived at the end of their rounds, Kirsten was told.

The manager told her that the man responsible was new and was undergoing training but had come in that night and quickly left after working his last ever shift.

But she did also confirm the driver had still completed the rest of his deliveries that day, reportedly with the window down to cope with the stench.

News Shopper:

However, Kirsten was at first offered just £20 compensation. She said the ordeal had caused her and her family "a lot of distress," and says the very least they can do is replace the soiled carpet.

"Tesco have employed this man to delivery their food, so they are responsible.

"They've seen the photographs, they've accepted what happened, I just want their response to match the severity of what happened."

A Tesco spokesperson said: “This incident in no way reflects the exceptional standards we provide for our customers and we are therefore investigating it as a matter of urgency.

"We have offered to replace the flooring for the customer along with offering our sincere apologies.”

Kirsten added that "this was not something that happens every day."