Police were called the winner of the Apprentice 2019's Beckenham bakery following complaints coronavirus regulations were being flouted at a private party.

Lord Sugar, a coronavirus sceptic, hailed the opening of the Beckenham High Street branch of Dough Bakehouse, run by 30-year-old owner Carina Lepore, just days before the incident on September 12.

Residents reported loud music being played throughout the evening and around 50 attendees ignoring social distancing rules.

One local, who wished to stay anonymous, said: "My four-year-old daughter complained of not being able to get to sleep at 7.30 pm, begging for the music to stop, despite her double glazed window being closed.

"Several residents reported the venue to the police, as they were visibly breaking social distancing rules, and Bromley council’s noise helpline.

"To conduct an event like this during the current pandemic is completely irresponsible.

"This was a business event where tickets were advertised to the public on instagram.

"It’s clear that social distancing was not maintained. Nottingham police fined an individual £10k for hosting a similar-sized party - why weren't they?"

At the time of the party, gatherings of more than 30 people were prohibited and social-distancing had to be facilitated at any event. 

Ms Lepore received £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar after winning the Apprentice last year, which helped open a first branch in Herne Hill.

The bakery plans to host a series of regular events, including a Sunday brunch and “bottomless prosecco to the backdrop of DJ’s and live entertainment.”

Lord Sugar has been criticised for sharing unsubstantiated theories about coronavirus, suggesting it was created in a Chinese lab.

He has also expressed scepticism about death figures, at one-point stating: “Who’s dead? I’m not.”

Lord Sugar also hit out at furloughed workers, branding them ‘complacent’, suggesting they were ‘enjoying’ the situation.

He further revealed that his property portfolio central London property investments are "suffering" due to office workers staying home.

Cllr Kate Lymer, Executive Member for Public Protection and Enforcement, said: “Bromley’s Noise Team visited the premises on Saturday September 12 following complaints.

“The Council’s Public Protection team has been working with local businesses throughout the pandemic to help them interpret Government guidance and keep their business safe, both for staff and customers.

“Joint patrols have been carried out with Police and there have been occasions when firm advice has been given to premises not enforcing social distancing rules.

“Our approach has always been to educate and support our local businesses, but where we find persistent failings to follow the safe workplace guidance, we will look to take enforcement action.”

A spokesperson for the police said: “Police were called on the evening of Saturday, 12 September to reports of a noise disturbance and anti-social behaviour at commercial premises on High Street in Beckenham.

“Officers attended and spoke with those in attendance.”

Dough Bakehouse was contacted for comment.