A Greek restaurant in Orpington may be permanently closed for breaching coronavirus regulations despite repeated warnings.

The Greek Meze, on Orpington High Street, is accused of failing to facilitate social distancing, playing loud music and allowing people to dance, with staff and security "making no attempts to control or rectify the situation".

The business is facing a closure order application after warnings from the Council were ignored, following a number of visits on the back of reports from customers.

Councillor Kate Lymer, Executive Councillor for Public Protection and Enforcement said, “We are working tirelessly with businesses across the Borough to help advise them what measures they need to take to protect members of the public and staff, comply with legislation and be covid secure.

“We are doing what we can to prevent local outbreaks and we all need to do the same.

“In addition to our normal licensing and inspection work, we continue to proactively work to ensure that Bromley’s businesses are complying with the covid related legislation as appropriate.

“Closing a business is not what we want to see but it is absolutely vital that we all get this right.

"Taking this enforcement action was the last resort and we continue to seek to work with this business to ensure they comply with the regulations.

"Businesses and residents should be in no doubt that we cannot and will not take risks where there are public health and safety concerns.”

The business is also alleged to have breached its licence conditions by operating after hours.

The legal actions follows a number of separate visits by the Council’s Public Protection team, including with the police, and contact with the management of the restaurant.

The management failed to comply with advice and guidance provided, subsequently breaching a community protection notice.

An application for a closure order at Bromley Magistrates Court has been adjourned pending a full hearing in October.