The addition of a new pedestrian crossing on the street where a boy was run over on the way to school could make the “situation worse”, the Council said.

The 13-year-old, an Eden Park High School year 8 pupil, was injured on Upper Elmers End Road shortly after 8am on the first day of term, September 1.

Bromley Council has addressed renewed calls for a pedestrian crossing, which first surfaced ahead of the school's opening in 2019.

A council spokesperson said: “We are always disappointed to hear of any accident on our roads, particularly when it results in an injury.

“Clearly we wish the young man concerned a speedy recovery and we will look carefully at this and the emerging patterns of walking to school which the coronavirus has impacted in recent times.

“As we have previously said, there are already a number of crossing points along this road and whilst we are not aware of all the details of this incident, contrary to speculation from other quarters, the collision actually appears to have occurred in the immediate vicinity of an existing crossing point.

“Travel to the new school will naturally create potentially different demand for crossing points than previously and we need to make sure that anything that is installed is used and improves the situation, which is not always necessarily the outcome and could even make a situation worse.

“Our ambition remains to continue to reduce injury accidents on the borough’s roads.”

The driver of the car stopped at the scene and no arrests were made.

Police and ambulance services attended, taking the boy to hospital, where he was treated for a broken leg.

A witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "From what I gather there was a group of boys crossing the road at the bottom of upper Elmer's End Road just by Elmer’s End Green.

“They were crossing where the island is (so in the right place) where there are 2 lanes of traffic.

“The boys crossed the first lane of traffic but didn't see the car coming in the other lane and stepped out.

“The boy was hit by a little Nissan Micra as it came down the right-hand lane if traffic."

More than 800 concerned residents previously signed a petition in 2019 calling for a new pedestrian crossing near the new site of Eden Park High School prior to its opening.

Campaigners said students would be “taking their life into their own hands” trying to cross Upper Elmers End Road.

Responding to the petition, a spokesman for Bromley Council said there is already a “caged pedestrian refuge” in Upper Elmers End Road that students could use.