A woman has complained to Iceland after a faulty fridge in its Thamesmead store caused her to become ill after the milk she bought had already began curdling.

Karen, 40, said she became ill after drinking milk she had bought from the Iceland's, and yet when she returned two weeks later the store was still selling gone-off milk.

Iceland have admitted that a possible issue with the milk chiller at the store might have caused this, but said in a statement that they are satisfied all temperature controls are being correctly applied.

The Thamesmead resident told the News Shopper that she bought milk from the Iceland shop on Joyce Dawson Way on August 18, only to realise upon drinking her odd-tasting cup of tea that the milk was clearly gone off.

News Shopper:

The milk was clearly beginning to curdle, despite being three days in date, and the mother-of-two then became ill, suffering from diarrhoea likely caused by the milk.

Karen said she was left frustrated as "it could easily have been my kids drinking the milk," and went to complain to the store.

Workers at the Iceland told her that she had not been the first person to complain of the issue, which was being sorted.

Nearly two weeks later on August 29, thinking the issue would have been resolved, Karen bought another bottle of milk from the shop. Just before she'd used it, she realised once again that the milk was gone off.

Despite being in date, the Thamesmead resident said it was "clumped today, smelt really bad and looked awful."

News Shopper:

"I'm angry with the store because they knew there was issue that whole time.

"Two weeks went by after the workers realised their milk wasn't right, and it took me complaining again for them acknowledge the problem."

Upon logging a second complaint, employees are the store told her it was a supplier issue, despite also hearing from staff that the reason was actually due to a faulty air conditioner where the milk was stored in the shop.

Karen was given a apologetic gift certificate to make up for the dodgy milk which then didn't have any money on it, the final kick in the teeth.

"It makes me angry, knowing that they knew there was an issue but did nothing about it.

"I won't buy any more milk there, but the issue is I know I'm not the only one who did during that time.

"I feel this is needs to change, as this has the potential to be quite dangerous."

Karen added: "The staff were also rude and most of them weren't apologetic. Despite my concerns I felt I was being fobbed off."

A spokesperson for Iceland said: "We have recently received a very small number of customer complaints about milk sold at this store.

"Our engineers have investigated whether this might be due to nearby air conditioning equipment interfering with the proper working of the milk chiller, and have redirected this unit accordingly.

"The store team continue to check temperatures in the milk chiller each day."

They added: "Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention.

"Ensuring the health and safety of our customers is always Iceland's top priority, and as a frozen food specialist we are naturally keenly aware of the importance of maintaining correct temperature controls for all chilled and frozen food.

"We are satisfied that all temperature controls at our Thamesmead store are being correctly applied and monitored as usual."