The Met Police have explained why a helicopter was heard and seen over Eltham on Saturday night after a resident reported hearing gunshots in the area.

Many Eltham residents will have heard the noisy helicopter circling overhead around 9:30pm on Saturday evening, September 5.

Well according to Eltham Police North, officers and the Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit were called to the area after a resident phoned police and reported hearing gunshots.

The gunshot noises had come from around Eltham Park North, and police attended the scene.

After speaking to local dogwalkers in the area, tt turned out that the noises were just fireworks being set off in the park.

On the same day, Eltham North Police also dealt with a burglary in Arbroath Road.

A resident returned to his home after receiving a notification on his phone that his alarm had been activated, and found the rear door forced open and a laptop, radar watch and designer handbags stolen.

Officers said they would speak to the victim and neighbours to investigate the burglary, as well check for CCTV.

Two domestic incidents were also reported in the Eltham North ward in a busy weekend, with one suspect arrested over GBH.