A previously rejected Bromley Council scheme to build a block of new homes in a car park across from Anerley Town Hall has been given new life, with rejigged plans lodged by the authority.

The council earlier this month submitted plans to build four one-bed and six two-bedroom flats on the old car park, in a terraced block up to three storeys high.

It’s the second tilt the authority has had at developing the car park and comes after their first attempt for a similar plan in 2017 was rejected over concerns it would be “overbearing” to surrounding homes.

In the most recent plan, entrances to the new homes would be along George Groves Road, while the new flats would also be serviced by seven car parks.

News Shopper: The car park adjacent to Anerley Town Hall as it appears now. Image: Bromley Council.The car park adjacent to Anerley Town Hall as it appears now. Image: Bromley Council.

One of the homes would be wheelchair-accessible, designs state.

The scheme comes after an initial attempt to develop the car park into four four-bedroom houses and six-bedroom flats was rejected in 2017.

The decision was upheld by the planning inspectorate, who said the main issues were the effect the development would have on occupiers of the homes, with concerns over a lack of natural lighting and views for those living there.

However, those behind the latest plans are confident they address the issue by adopting a terraced approach to the homes to improve views and exposure to daylight.

In documents lodged with the council, consultants state “the proposed development will make a positive contribution to its surroundings”.

“The existing car park is currently under utilised and forms a mostly empty expanse of tarmac, which forms a void in the street-scape,” it states.