Dozens of Bromley residents have staged a weekend sit-in at the local authority’s headquarters in a bid to draw localized attention to climate change.

According to environmental activism group Extinction Rebellion, 29 members demonstrated outside Bromley Council’s Civic Centre office on Saturday in a push for “immediate action” on emissions from the authority.

About 100 children’s shoes were laid on the ground to represent what the group described as “those who are most at risk from the unfolding crisis: future generations”.

According to Extinction Rebellion Bromley, the group is urging the

council to emulate 26 other London Boroughs by declaring a climate emergency and to develop an action plan to target wider emission reductions in the borough.

“Currently, their ambition to bring their own emissions down to net zero by 2029 covers just a mere one per cent of the borough’s total emissions,” the group states.

Bromley Council last year approved a plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2029.

Among the work to move towards that target were tree planting programmes, expanding renewable energy and installing LED street lighting.

The council’s first carbon management programme (CMP1) ran from 2008/09 to 2012/13 and resulted in a 14 per cent reduction in the authority’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The second programme – running from 2013/14 to 2017/18 – achieved a 33 per cent reduction against a 2013 baseline, above the 15 per cent target.

The latest action by Bromley Extinction Rebellion comes after various other actions by the group in the borough.

In January this year the group forced the suspension of a council meeting when they started chanting and protesting over what they said was a lack of climate-action by the authority.