Environmental protest group Extinction Rebellion is set to stage their latest high profile action opposing the controversial Silvertown Tunnel project on the August bank holiday.

The group is set to hold a procession moving from Woolwich to Stratford, complete with a samba band, speeches, and even banshees, with one organiser stating the aim was to make it “politically difficult” for London Mayor Sadiq Khan “to carry on with the Silvertown Tunnel project”. 

It’s the latest high-profile action by the group, who had three members arrested last month after locking themselves to a drilling rig which was to be used in the early stages of building the tunnel.

According to the group, their action on August 31 is aimed at being a “visually and audibly arresting spectacle”.

Starting in Woolwich’s General Gordon Square at 11am and ending at Endeavour Square, the protest is set to include a samba band, speeches, and activists dressed as banshees who will “wail to mourn the current and future victims that will die each day in London as a result of air pollution which TfL have said will increase locally with the Silvertown Tunnel”.