England footballer Jaden Sancho has released his own collection of flashy Nike football boots, actually inspired by the streets of south east London where he grew up.

The emerging superstar, who currently plays for Borussia Dortmund in Germany, has teamed up with Nike to produce the line of footwear and apparel collection with a twist.

But whilst he may now be living the extravagant life of a professional footballer, Sancho's new line pay tribute to the streets of south east London where he honed his craft playing in football cages with his friends.

A 'No Ball Games' motif is branded on the boots, a common sight in the housing states across south east London, and any youngsters who've kicked a ball around on the street can relate.

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Phrases like 'MEGZ', 'Sancho Sauce' and 'Popping 24 Hours' also adorn the top.

The boots are a tribute to the young baller's childhood in Kennington and the surrounding area of London south of the Thames.

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Speaking on the drop, JS7 said: “This isn’t just for me, it’s for all the ballers across London who were told they’d never make it. Every time I step out onto the pitch, I represent them all. It’s a privilege to have the kids of London on my back.”

"We played anywhere and everywhere, that’s just the culture in London. All you needed was a football. You’d always have the one guy with a wonky foot that’d break windows and get us all in trouble.”

The SE11 Sancho Collection collection dropped at Nike on August 24th.