A commemorative garden remembering those who have died from coronavirus is set to be built at the site of a Bexley Council-backed housing development.

The Old Farm Park development at Sidcup will be home to the borough’s official Covid-19 commemorative garden, the authority announced on Tuesday.

According to the council, the garden will be a place that residents can visit to remember those who have been lost or who have been affected by the pandemic.

The move is likely to put Bexley among the first authorities to officially endorse such a momument.

Other councils, such as Solihull in the West Midlands, have talked about creating a memorial woodlands, with Suffolk county council floating a similar plan, while various private cemeteries throughout the UK have raised or pursued the concept as well.

The idea came from Bexley resident Gordon Davis, who put the suggestion to Bexley Council leader Teresa O’Neill and Mayor James Hunt earlier this month.

Cabinet Member for Places, Cllr Peter Craske took up the idea and met Mr Davis at the borough’s newest playground and wildlife habitat last week.

According to the council, Old Farm Park has been chosen as it was created and built during the current crisis and because, as a new park, it has a feeling of optimism and recovery.

Old Farm Park is the first development undertaken by Bexley Council’s commercial housing company BexleyCo, and consists of 58 homes currently in construction.

The site includes paths, trim trails and exercise equipment, a dipping pond and wildlife area, plus new benches, plants, trees and a brand new playground.

“We are pleased to announce the creation of a new garden area to honour Bexley residents and others we lost to Covid-19,” Cllr Craske said following the announcment.

“The new Old Farm Park, playground and wildlife habitat has itself been built during the pandemic and, as such, it feels the right place for a commemorative garden where anyone can come and think about those we have lost and the overall impact of the pandemic.”

“I’m really pleased that my suggestion for a commemorative garden has been acted on,” Mr Davis said.

“I felt it was vital to have a scenic place in the borough to visit and spend time thinking about loved ones we have lost, or who may have suffered as a result of Covid.”

An official opening is set to take place once the site is finished.