Lewisham Council is set to rake in thousands in fines as drivers ignore the new camera-enforced barriers in the Lee Green low traffic neighbourhood.  

The LTN, which involves physical and camera-enforced barriers to prevent motor vehicles driving through, was already planned before the pandemic, but brought in under Covid-19 emergency transport measures instead.   

It aims to reduce through-traffic and increase active travel.  

Camera-enforced barriers, which photograph licence plates so the council can send out fines to those who break the rules, are used instead of physical barriers to allow buses through. 

They have been placed in four locations throughout the LTN, including Ennersdale Road, Dermody Road, Manor Lane, and Manor Park.  

On Thursday (August 20) at least 30 cars were spotted driving through the barrier in Dermody Road within the space of five minutes, while others did the same in all of the camera-enforced filters throughout the LTN.  

News Shopper:

There was a crash at the junction of Burnt Ash Hill and Westhorne Avenue in the morning, which led to police directing drivers through camera-enforced filters.  

The council has confirmed no one affected by the crash will be fined. 

But drivers could be seen going through the barriers throughout the day and after the traffic from the crash had dispersed. 

Residents and workers within the LTN said hundreds of drivers are ignoring the rules every day – one newsagent owner near a barrier worried that the signage wasn’t clear enough because so many people were ignoring it.  

Though there was an initial grace period, anyone driving through the filters will be fined £130, slashed in half if they pay within two weeks. 

A spokesperson said “The council installed the cameras on August 7.  

“After an initial period where people were issued with warning letters to those who contravened the measures, penalty charge notices are now being given to drivers who do not adhere.  

“These are £130, or reduced by 50 per cent (£65), if paid within 14 days.” 

Senior management at the council said this week that the fines will go towards highways and transport in general.