Single mothers are particularly at risk of homelessness if the Government moves ahead with removing a ban on evictions, an MP has warned.

Abena Oppong-Asare, the member for Erith and Thamesmead, says she is supporting several constituents at “immediate risk” of being made homeless if the Government’s eviction ban is lifted as planned on August 24.

The first-term Labour MP also warned single mothers are the most at risk of being made homeless according to the cases her office has received.

“Women and children are much more likely to be impacted locally and without urgent intervention we are going to be facing a crisis of families being made homeless,” she said.

The MP passed on several messages from constituents who had emailed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

One resident said she was “depressed, anxious and nervous” over potentially being turfed out over non-payment of rent during lockdown.

“I am a single mum with Multiple Sclerosis. My landlord has taken me to court and I am expected to vacate the property in June, 2020,” she said.

“I’m extremely depressed, anxious and nervous.”

The Government introduced the ban on evictions in March in a bid to ensure thousands wouldn’t be made homeless during the lockdown as income dried up for many households across the country.

However, as Covid-19 rates continue to hover and local lockdowns are put in place, Labour have called for an extension of the ban.

Ms Oppong-Asare criticised its potential lifting.

“This is a truly irresponsible move by the Conservative Government that will leave hundreds of thousands of people at risk of homelessness,” she said.

“I am currently supporting people with health issues who are terrified they will be made homeless during an international pandemic.”

Homelessness charity Shelter said last month that up to 230,000 households faced being evicted when the ban is lifted after falling into arrears during the pandemic.