Bexley's Butterfly Jungle has been given a new lease of live one month after it announced it was permanently closing after falling victim to the Covid-19 crisis.

The old company went into liquidation, but two of the jungle's former employees have done their best to save the beloved attraction.

The Butterfly Jungle is still officially closed, but the two men, Daniel Hynes and Phil Savage, have taken over the lease of its home, Hall Place on Bourne Road, south east London.

They've announced that the newly titled Butterfly House and Garden Centre is now on its way.

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In fact, the garden centre has already opened as of August 14, and the pair are now waiting to finalise a zoo exemption license before the butterfly house officially opens as new.

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Daniel, born and bred in Bexleyheath, said it had been "crazy but very exciting" bringing the butterfly site back to life.

"Me and my colleague saw the amazing support generated for the jungle and the sad news that my bosses company was going into liquidation.

"We tried everything to help the old owner, Paul Allen, save the business, but Covid-19 was too much.

"So he helped me and Phil start our own business at the same site, and after long talks with the council and suppliers, we managed to get the lease and everyone on board."

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In a statement, the old Butterfly Jungle's director announced in July that it is "with great sadness that I have to confirm we haven't survived as a business through the Covid 19 crisis."

Mr Allen also paid tribute to the staff, volunteers and those who had supported the venue and tried to save it.

"I hope the butterflies bought some sunshine into your lives as they did ours, and your plants are thriving in your gardens."

Daniel added: "I've been living in Bexleyheath all my life, and I remember the first day I went to the Butterfly House and was captivated by the sights and sounds.

"I've suffered from severe mental health issues in the past, and would not be where I am today without the butterfly house and Paul, who has done so much to help me."