A petition has been launched by residents of a Chislehurst street in a bid to address “really scary” speeding issues in the area, with concerns it was “only a matter of time” before a fatality occurs on the stretch of road.

The petition by those living on Lower Camden calls on Bromley Council to implement measures to combat vehicles speeding down the street, following a spate of accidents and near misses.

According to organiser and local resident Kate Aldous, the aim of the petition is to gather enough signatures to enable them to speak at a full meeting of council.

“We really hope we can get in front of councillors and express our concerns,” she said.

She added it was “only a matter of time before a fatality occurs”.

“We’ve got residents who have had their cats run over, people who have had their cars crashed into, it’s a huge concern for us.”

Kate herself has two children and said that was an added concern for many residents on the street.

“I find it really scary – we shouldn’t feel like this on our own road,” she said.

“The concern we feel being on our own road, it’s simply unacceptable.”

She said one former resident had their parked car driven into hard enough on the street to “bounce” it off the kerb and fold the side in.

The driver didn’t stop, she said.

“The driver must have been speeding to lose control and do that level of damage. As this former resident said to me, it’s a good thing no one was on the pavement or in the car at the time,” she said.

“Cars speed along Lower Camden all day, every day, and Lower Camden residents are going to do everything we can to stop this from happening.

In their petition, the group suggest traffic calming measures such as chicanes and planters be implemented to address the problem.

“As a main thoroughfare between Chislehurst and Bromley, this is a busy 30mph road with too many people driving through at excessive speeds – sometimes double the speed limit,” the petition reads.

“Residents are extremely worried about their children walking along the pavement and elderly and disabled residents feel unsafe crossing the road.”

“We, the undersigned, call on Bromley Council to please implement permanent traffic calming measures along Lower Camden, Chislehurst, to address our safety concerns.”


A Bromley Council spokesperson said on Friday: "We will consider the petition if or when it is presented to us but there does not appear to be a single recorded injury accident in this road in recent years and so it would be hard to prioritise this road when compared to other local roads where collisions causing serious injuries have sadly occurred.

"We encourage the Police to visit Lower Camden from time to time enforce the speed limit.

"We will consider Lower Camden for road safety education signs."

The petition can be found at: https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/traffic-calming-for-lower-camden.html