A Bromley man photographed a series of facemasks littered around the borough to drawn attention to their improper disposal.

Dave Yeates, 65, noticed the essential items of PPE appearing on the streets at the beginning of lockdown, a problem which has worsened since their use became compulsory in many places.

He hopes his collection of 25 photos will help change attitudes, reminding people to respect their environment in the ‘new normal.’

News Shopper:

Mr Yeates, a graphic designer, said: “I started taking pictures of hem as soon as lockdown started.

“In the early days it wasn’t so obvious, but they were there. Since then it’s got worse and worse.  

“I’ve spoken to other people and it’s everywhere. Changing to people’s attitudes is a hard thing to do. People that are going to litter are going to litter.

“I’ve since stopped; I just wanted to make a point. You could take new ones every day.”