High-end supercars and a flash Rolls Royce are among the 24 vehicles to be seized by Greenwich, Bexley, Lewisham and other Met Police teams in London over the weekend.

Around 45 drivers were reported for a variety of offences, and dozens of their cars, which included Lamborghinis and Ferraris, have been removed by the police teams.

The operation was run by the MPS Specials' Vehicle Enforcement Team based in Charlton and Perivale, and was assisted by a number of borough police squads.

MPS Westminster, MPS Brampton in Bexley, MPS Brompton Hans Town as well as the Bexley, Lewisham and Greenwich teams all lead the crackdown.

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MPS Specials tweeted out, saying a series of patrols have resulted in 24 vehicle seizures, five warnings, and 45 drivers "reported for various offences."

They also released pictures showcasing their results, revealing an impressive line-up of high-end and expensive cars, including well-known super car brands, luxury vehicles, and a Citroen.

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Bexley MPS said: "We recently assisted in the removal of 24 vehicles involved in crime and reported 45 drivers for various offences! Officers from MPS Lewisham and MPS Greenwich were also involved! Great work by all!"