The camera-enforced modal filters in the Lee Green low traffic neighbourhood are due to be up and running on Friday (August 7).  

The LTN involves 13 barriers, or modal filters, which close off roads so that only cyclists and pedestrians can get through. 

Four of those, in Dermody Road, Manor Park, Ennersdale Road, and Manor Lane, will be camera-enforced, meaning all drivers who pass through them will be recorded and fined. 

Originally planned as a healthy neighbourhood, the scheme was brought in early under Covid-19 measures, which aim to support social distancing and active travel.   

The physical barriers have been in place for over a month, but the cameras have been delayed until now.  

Neighbouring streets outside the LTN have experienced surges in traffic since its launch and it is hoped that the cameras will reduce this.   

Lewisham Central ward Councillor Aisling Gallagher announced the news via Twitter on Thursday (August 6). 

She said: “Was finally able to reply to a lot of emails last night with some good news- the cameras are going in tomorrow!  

“This should help with Springbank and will of course continue to be monitored. We will be keeping a close eye on what happens. 

“We haven’t wanted to reply to people with no news because I know how frustrating that can be.  

“As ward councillors, Patrick and I are pushing for mitigation, including advocating for the council to submit a bid to TfL/DfT to fund it. 

“We favour a trial of a low traffic neighbourhood for the parts of Hither Green to the west of the railway and are doing everything we can to push this forward.” 

A Lewisham council spokesperson said: “As part of the low traffic area scheme, cameras are now being installed at all four modal filter locations on bus and emergency services routes in Dermody Road, Manor Lane, Manor Park and Ennersdale Road.  

“This means that any driver, with the exception of bus and emergency vehicle drivers, who passes through these filters will be recorded on camera and issued with a penalty charge notice.”