Nearly 600 people in New Eltham are celebrating scooping a share of £3million this week after the People's Postcode Lottery chose a south east London address for its monthly Postcode Millions prize.

The lucky postcode chosen in the July draw of the lotto was SE9 3LA, resulting in 599 households 'Playing the Postcode Lottery' winning money.

Four new Eltham neighbours have received a massive windfall of £204,074, whilst the remaining 595 will receive cheques ranging from £2,293 up to £13,172 based on how many tickets they'd purchased.

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The Postcode Lottery works by offering a host of small prize pools to randomly chosen postcodes in the UK, with money awarded to people who pay for a monthly subscription.

Postcode Millions is the largest prize on offer. Each month, tickets in one chosen postcode sector get to share a £3 Million prize pot, with the amount each winner receives varying based on whether they match all or some of the winning postcode, and how many tickets they play with.

And at the end of July, the Postcode Lottery announced in a Facebook Live video that its latest winning postcode was in New Eltham.

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The four neighbours with the full winning postcode netted just over £200,000 each, but 599 separate households actually won money from the draw.

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Around 530 people with one ticket won £3,293, 49 winners earned £6,585, three people won £9,879 and one person pocketed £13,172.

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People's Postcode Lottery Presenter Judie McCourt said, "Congratulations to all our winners in New Eltham. I can't think of better news to start your weekend and I'm sure they'll all be celebrating tonight!

"Although we couldn't meet our winners in person this time, I'm still thrilled to have brought them this exciting news. I hope they enjoy their winnings and go and get themselves a treat to celebrate."

The lottery does also support charities and good causes "working to create a fairer world through improvements in health, human rights, education and community development.

The comapny says a miniumum of 32% of each subscription goes to charitable causes, and players have to date raised more than £500 million for thousands of organisations.

Locally, the Central Eltham Youth Project received £15,000 to help young people with special educational needs and disabilities gain valuable work skills and experience.

Last year, the Evelyn 190 Community Trust received £20,000 to help support people with disabilities under the age of 60, and the South London Botanical Institute which also received £20,000.