Residents have described Five Arches Bridge as being in a "sorry state" after a row of fencing was erected along the site last week to keep people out, and has already been torn down several times.

Police say they are "disappointed", after the fencing was put up to stop swimmers and jumpers from hurting themselves and ruining the local nature reserve after a number of recent incidents.

Bexley Police, Bexley LFB and the local council last week installed a long row of fencing clad with warning signs with the aim of protecting the beauty spot and from swimmers, bathers and fishers.

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The beauty spot, located at Footscray Meadows in Bexley, south east London, has been a hotspot for littering, swimmers and even groups of children using the bridge as a jumping platform.

In June, a 16-year-old girl broke her leg after an accident jumping into the River Cray, leading to the move fence off the entire side of the bridge.

Signs were also attached, warning: "Nature Reserve: No swimming or bathing, no fishing."

Announcing the decision on Wednesday, July 29, LFB Bexley said they had discussed the options for making the site safer and to deter swimmers "following a spate of incidents that include people swimming in the water."

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Less than a week later, Sidcup Police have complained on Twitter than after a visit to the Five Arches Bridge on Saturday, the 'safety railings' have been pushed over, and not for the first time.

Bexley Council were contacted and quickly responded by re-installing the fences, whilst police have also warned of patrols.

Responding on Twitter, one person said a runner had spotted officials putting the fence back up at around 8:30am, and by the time they had passed by at 10am, the fences were already back down again.

Many are critical of the "absolute eyesore," calling them a "waste of taxpayers' money" which has left the bridge "an eyesore."

However, others have pointed out that following recent injuries, including the broken leg, it is people's fault that these measures are necessary.

One person wrote: "You need to visit when it is packed solid with people like it was yesterday and see the amount of youngsters and little kids jumping in and swimming in the water."

Another added: "This is terrible, a curfew needs to be put in place in the area."